Whether it’s with scholarly writing, nonfiction, project and grant proposals, reports, periodicals, or web content, here are the ways I can help:



Light copyediting is a way of making sure that the details of your document aren’t letting you down. It deals with errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation; ensures consistency in stylistic matters; cross-checks the contents page with chapters, citations with bibliography, and the like; and calls out factual inconsistencies and passages where the meaning is unclear or the expression is problematic.

In addition to the above, heavier copyediting involves more intervention on my part; errors are still corrected, but unidiomatic or awkward expressions are also pointed out, and revisions suggested. The organization and logical framework of the document are scrutinized, and changes proposed where necessary.


Developmental editing is a collaborative process that shapes the structure, content and voice of a document. In this role, I combine a sympathetic and careful reading of your draft with close consultation to find out what’s at the heart of a piece of writing—and then help you find the language that does it justice.


As a writer I work from your notes, or from conversations or correspondence with you, to translate your ideas into text. 


For academic publications, tidying up or reformatting notes, bibliographies, and other textual apparatus can be distracting and time-consuming. Hand mechanical tasks like these over to me, and get back to the writing that really matters.



Costs vary according to the individual demands of the text and the type of service requested. Contact me to discuss your project in detail. Initial consultations, proposals, and estimates are provided free of charge. For new clients, a free sample edit (up to six hundred words) can be included with the proposal upon request. Payments are accepted by check and PayPal.

Hourly rate for copyediting and formatting: $40

Hourly rate for developmental editing and writing: $50